Plan Your Escape for Fire Prevention Week 2022

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15, 2022. This year’s theme is Fire Won’t Wait. Plan Your Escape. Everyone in the fire protection community is promoting excellent safety advice provided by the NFPA and other safety organizations. This month, we’re focusing on developing an Emergency Escape or Evacuation Plan for the home and office, something that’s easy to forget but easy to do!

Marmic’s own CEO Greg Bochicchio demonstrates 5 easy things you can do to prepare for an emergency, particularly a fire.

5 Easy Things to Plan Your Escape

Find the Escape Plan for your office or current location. If you don’t have one for your home, create one with your family and don’t forget to include your pets.

Locate any available Alarm Pull Stations. First alerts are vital to escaping in time so locate pull stations and/or check smoke detectors and other devices regularly to ensure they function properly.

Locate any available Fire Extinguishers. If you can’t fight the fire properly, then don’t and get to safety immediately. But if you can, then knowing where the fire extinguishers are increases your chances to stop the fire before it gets out of hand. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher here.

Locate your nearest Exits. It’s best to know 2 Ways Out of your home or office in case either exit is blocked by fire or other obstacles.

Designate an Evacuation Area. Having a safe place to meet with loved ones or office mates helps you keep track of everyone. It also assists fire fighters when they arrive and assess the situation. Once you have your plan in place, practice it with your family and colleagues so you know where to go if and when the time comes.

PRACTICE AGAIN! Your escape plan is only as good as you remember it during an emergency. Putting the plan to memory is vital for when it really counts. Make drills a part of your yearly routine when it’s time to check your heating system and/or fireplace before fall and winter. Fires can happen at any time but taking action now by memorizing your escape plan can help you prepare.

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