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Marmic Fire & Safety is a fully qualified fire equipment distributor and fire safety company. We carry numerous certifications conforming to OSHA, NICET, and NAFED standards, and more. As a trusted service provider within our communities, we keep our team members knowledgeable on the latest fire safety regulations and tools.

We service fire suppression systems for corporations, government buildings, and public schools, including fire alarms, fire sprinklers, backflow preventers, fire extinguishers, emergency/exit lights, and first aid cabinets. Our technicians perform daily installments individually or as a team. Join our community of loyal customers and references constituting our positive track record.

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Installers understand the systems and technology associated with each project. Whether they’re installing sprinklers, kitchen hoods, or backflow preventers, our techs go the extra mile to ensure adequate positioning and protection. We evaluate each area before and after project completion, complying with government standards and code policies like UL or FM.

Safety is our mission. We aim to serve our communities by removing the anxiety of fear during an emergency. We keep the ideal fire safety systems in mind for your business. Allow a Marmic Fire & Safety professional to handle your installation needs.


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Marmic Fire & Safety is a one-stop safety company. We make your safety our life’s mission. We equip retail, medical, commercial, and industrial establishments with hazard analysis.

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