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Every market has unique fire protection needs. We customize our solutions to fit the environment and provide a preventative maintenance program to keep your equipment fire-ready.

Learn more about our market solutions and how fire protection services can keep your business running instead of repairing.

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We provide market solutions suitable for various industries, including medical, hospitality, commercial, and more. Explore how our services can benefit your market and company.



Fire protection is essential to industrial areas where oil, construction, and build-up accidents can occur. Protect your business and assets with our fire prevention services.

Petroleum refinery


Institutions like hotels and public school systems all require fire protection equipment to protect your high-occupancy capacity.

Empty classroom with rows of desks and chairs


Commercial facilities like warehouses need comprehensive fire protection to keep goods and employees safe.

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As a leading fire safety company, Marmic Fire & safety is trusted by many government agencies with high security requirements.

U.S. Treasury Department building in Washington, D.C.


Fire is most dangerous in confined spaces such as mines. Our MSHA-trained technicians are ready to work in the mines with you to keep you safe.

Man performing maintenance on a fire extinguisher in a mine


Marmic knows how critical compliance is to hospitals and clinics. We can help you stay compliant with regular inspections and reporting.

Healthcare worker using a pipette to perform an experiment


Fire protection in a kitchen setting is crucial. Oil build-up and negligence can easily create a hazardous environment. We provide the following services to the hospitality sector.

Chefs in tall hats using woks to cook

Power & Energy

Nuclear, electrical, and fossil fuel power plants all present hazard conditions requiring fire suppression systems.

Power generation turbines

Special Risk

Sensitive environments such as server rooms, laboratories, and museums require special hazard assessments.

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