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We model our services based on NICET and OSHA standards. Our skilled representatives undergo extensive training required for adequate repair knowledge and success. We repair, retest, and work with thousands of customers.

From locally owned restaurants to university complexes, we are trusted by customers to ensure they are AHJ-compliant.

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Some repairs are more complex than others, and working with a professional prevents technical issues and confusion. Consolidate the need for repairs if your facility uses multiple Marmic systems.

We troubleshoot and evaluate ways to improve your fire prevention equipment and reduce the need for general maintenance to save on your investments. Our team is available to examine your devices and offer to consult at all hours.


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Article: Minimize Repairing

Reasons to let a fire protection company keep your inspection schedule.


Looking for cracks? Hydrostatic testing reveals unseen dangers.

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Marmic Fire & Safety is a one-stop safety company. We make your safety our life’s mission. We equip retail, medical, commercial, and industrial establishments with hazard analysis.

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