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Every day, we perform hydrostatic testing on scores of fire extinguishers, suppression tanks, SCBAs, and canisters. Customers trust us to determine when a tank is no longer safe to use in an emergency. When properly inspected and maintained on a regular schedule, the life of a fire extinguisher can last for decades. Without hydrotesting, there’s no way to be sure it will be effective in a fire emergency.

Our service departments operate with the highest integrity, never leaving you with uncertainty about your system, fire extinguishers, or safety products.

Maintenance on a fire extinguisher

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Corrosion and weather degrade even the most durable materials. Due to corrosion or accidental damage, a fire extinguisher or fire suppression system loses effectiveness over time.

Microscopic cracks or broken-down elements contribute to the malfunction of the device. Hydrotesting (hydro-static testing) utilizes pressurized water to test a tank’s structural integrity, revealing any significant flaws, the factor between passing it or scrapping it. We can test at low pressure (up to 600 PSI) and high pressure (up to 10,000 PSI), which handles the vast majority of tanks, including those requiring DOT certification.

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