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Fire Suppression & Safety

Marmic Fire & Safety® takes a 360-degree approach to safety, meaning we install, inspect, and maintain all of the major fire safety components on the market from suppression systems to access control.

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Marmic Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression & Safety Products & Services

As one of the longest-serving brands in fire protection, we’ve seen the damage inadequate coverage and irregular maintenance can cause. Our NICET-certified team members are trained to spot deficiencies, including anything not meeting manufacturer guidelines or local AHJ regulations, and then report them to you in a timely manner during an inspection.

Each fire safety component has unique standards we adhere to so you can have a better outcome when the fire marshal pays you that annual visit.

Fire Suppression & Safety

Fire Extinguishers

Not all fire extinguishers are created equal. Browse our selection of durable fire extinguishers designed for portability and ease. These are the perfect additions to any residential home or commercial business as fire-prevention safety measures.

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Fire Sprinklers

Prevent fires with broad protection fire sprinkler systems for your commercial property.  We inspect and service both wet and dry systems.  Learn more about our fire system sprinklers and how Marmic Fire & Safety services can benefit you.

Water pressure gauges and pipes

Fire Suppression Systems

Choose from various fire suppression systems suited for your business or purpose. We supply clean agent classes specifically designed for museums, computer server rooms, and anywhere liquid agents could damage sensitive materials. We never cut corners when it comes to safety. Browse our certified selections.

Fire suppression system distributing water in all directions

Fire Alarm Systems

We provide specialized fire alarm systems for most commercial industries. Perfect for high-occupancy environments like hotels, hospitals, government properties, and more.

Fire Control Panel active

Security/Surveillance Systems

Maintain the safety of your property with our surveillance security systems. We offer camera installations for large or small-scale businesses suitable to fit your company’s needs.

Infrared camera

Access Control Systems

Protect your business by consolidating your control systems. Knowing who is coming in and out is essential to the safety of your organization and trade secrets. Using surveillance and encrypted software, you can monitor and control access to private spaces from anywhere using a secure, cloud-based system.

Access Control & Security

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