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Water pressure gauges and pipes

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Sprinkler systems are a fundamental fire protection component used for broad coverage over high-occupancy and multi-story buildings. Whether a wet or dry system, we can assist with design, installation, and maintenance, and make additions to existing structures safe.

Fire Sprinkler Services

We evaluate all fire sprinklers for corrosion, damage, and proper functionality. Each sprinkler design carries a specific purpose, from the spray to the pressure rating. For high performance and durability, don’t skip the annual inspection or the five-year internal testing. Don’t forget to include a backflow preventer in your sprinkler’s inspection schedule. A backflow device mitigates water contamination into the central water system. Protecting the community is our primary goal. An experienced Marmic Fire & Safety technician is available around the clock for emergency servicing.

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When to Inspect

Fire Sprinklers and Backflow Preventers

See Inspection Information for All Fire Safety Devices.

When to Inspect

Every year. Quarterly depending on AHJ and insurance requirements.

5-Year Internal Pipe required every 5 years.

Fire Pump Test

What to Expect

Wet and dry sprinkler inspections are virtually the same with the exception of nitrogen dry pipe systems which may require nitrogen replenishment if repairs are needed.

5-Year Internal Pipe will remove a section of pipe to note corrosion and blockage. If blockage is severe, deficiencies are noted and re-piping is necessary.

Backflow Preventer testing is a separate inspection and may require more than one technician to inspect if the preventer is set below ground or in a confined space.

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