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Running a company is challenging. Your business is your legacy and estate. How will you preserve and continue its growth?  Company owners looking to provide their employees a strong future and customers with more services partner with Marmic for the opportunities we provide.

Intracoastal Fire Protection joins Marmic Family of Brands
Marmic assisting employee transition

Why join marmic?

Your legacy is not just a number to us. Marmic builds upon the foundation you’ve laid and expands its capabilities to better serve your customers and enhance the employee experience. What you’ve done right to make your company successful is what we’ll keep doing but we’ll improve where we can too.

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Anaconda Protective Concepts Brings Marmic to Delaware

Don and Nancy Dunfee spent years waiting for the right fire protection company to elevate the potential of their team.  They found Marmic to be the answer, bringing more benefits and career opportunities to the people they’ve grown close to over the years.

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Florida Life Safety Brings Marmic to the Sunshine State

John Stanford built a crew of fire safety professionals to serve the communities in and around Fort Myers, FL.  As of 2023, he has brought Marmic to his hometown to secure his team’s future growth. 

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A Family-Built Team in Virginia Joins the Marmic Family

The Caldas family started Fire Solutions of Ashland, VA nearly 40 years ago.  Second-generation owners Edward Caldas and Edwin Caldas are relying on Marmic to keep the family atmosphere going.

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Camden Fire Extinguisher Joins Marmic After 64 Years

Handed the keys to Camden Fire in 1980 from the previous owner, Fain Johnson grew the business from the back of a vehicle to a reputable company in his community.  Now, he is handing his team over to Marmic to keep growing the success started in 1959!

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LyonsGuard Fire Protection Sees Marmic as the Right Choice

Darryl Lyon’s decades of experience culminated in the establishment of LyonsGuard of San Antonio, TX where his team flourished by specializing in special hazard industrial systems.  In 2023, he settled on Marmic as the right fit for supporting his employees into the future.

Play Video about Tim and Vanessa Milligan

Intracoastal Fire Protection Finds Marmic at the Right Time

Tim Milligan, along with his wife Vanessa, wouldn’t trust just anyone with the fire protection company he’s poured his soul into for over the last decade.  He did his research and decided Marmic was the right fit at the right time for his community and employees.

Play Video about Alpha Fire Owner David McDaniels

Alpha Fire Safety Looks to Maximize its Potential with Marmic

David McDaniels purchased in Alpha Fire Safety in 2015 and helped build its strong reputation in East Texas.  Today, looking toward the future, he sees the advantages Marmic can bring to his employees.

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F.L. Sons Fire Equipment Finds Family Atmosphere with Marmic

Fred and Emily Lawrence started F.L. Sons Fire Equipment to fill a need for fire protection in the communities of Central Illinois.  13 years later, they are entrusting their family, made up of their employees and neighbors, to Marmic.  What convinced them partnering with us was the right choice?  Find out in this video.

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Brothers in Fire Protection Take Company to Next Level with Marmic

Tony and Alan Barrero built a strong fire protection company starting out of Tony’s home in 2001. Today, they are joining Marmic to bring even more services to the Kansas City Metro communities.

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Former Owner Reflects On Joining Marmic Fire

When his company reached a crossroads, Jeff Sosebee of Liberty Fire Protection decided to step out and put Marmic in the driver seat. He describes his experiences during the transition in his own words.

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Protect your business and personal investments. We’re an experienced management team seeking to partner with successful fire protection companies and leaders ready to take the next step to success and hit the ground running. 

John Walsh VP of Business Development

John Walsh

VP Business Development

Are you interested in partnering with Marmic Fire & Safety? Our VP of business development, John Walsh, is the guy to talk to. He’ll answer any questions you might have.