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Running a company is challenging. Your business is your legacy and estate. How will you preserve and continue its growth? Create a strategy that honors your enterprise when it’s time to exit.

Marmic acquires APS
Marmic assisting employee transition

Why join marmic?

Your legacy is not just a number to us. Marmic builds upon the foundation you’ve laid and expands its capabilities to better serve your customers and enhance the employee experience. What you’ve done right to make your company successful is what we’ll keep doing but we’ll improve where we can too.

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Former Owner Reflects On Joining Marmic Fire

When his company reached a crossroads, Jeff Sosebee of Liberty Fire Protection decided to step out and put Marmic in the driver seat. He describes his experiences during the transition in his own words.

Join the Marmic Family

Protect your business and personal investments. We’re an experienced management team seeking to partner with successful fire protection companies and leaders ready to take the next step to success and hit the ground running. 

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William Pauly

VP Business Development

Are you interested in partnering with Marmic Fire & Safety? Our VP of business development, William Pauly, is the guy to talk to. He’ll answer any questions you might have.