Safety On A National Scale

National Accounts

We would love to partner with you! Discover how we manage safety compliance and fire code regulations for chain companies nationwide.

What makes Marmic different?

We aim to provide direct, consistent service at a price that’s not inflated by hidden costs of third-party vendors. Our partners around the nation adopt Marmic’s own supply vendors, pricing, and methods to maintain consistency regardless of location.

It’s our number one priority to standardize and streamline preventative maintenance, reporting, and repairs so your business can keep running in the direction you choose. Decades of experience have taught us how to do just that!

National Reach

The national accounts team at Marmic assists both regional and national chains and franchises by simplifying fire protection services for multiple locations. Fire protection codes vary from state to state, even city to city. We ensure only appropriately licensed technicians service the correct locations and that inspection documentation matches the AHJ’s guidelines.

Advantages to Partnering with Marmic

Proactive Communication

Scheduling to reporting to invoicing, your dedicated Marmic rep is ready to assist you.

Complete Account Management

Only one vendor to take care of all your fire protection components.

Service Validation

All of your assets, documentation, and due dates maintained by us.

24/7 Support

A team of on-call professionals available when emergencies strike.

Professional Know-How

70+ years in the fire protection industry at your service.


Consistent service, documentation, and pricing across all of your locations.

Marmic staffer Sean headshot

Sean McLaughlin

National Accounts Director

Sean is a seasoned fire protection consultant helping chain and franchise customers with their pain points. He and his team work with numerous restaurant, commercial retail, grocery, and department store facility managers from coast to coast.