Installing pre-engineered or engineered systems such as sprinkler, kitchen hood, industrial, backflow devices or fire alarm is a great way to protect yourself, but ensuring they work during a fire requires an installer who not only understands compliance standards and codes but consistently meets or exceeds them.

At Marmic Fire & Safety, our designers and installers are NICET certified, meaning they are trained to analyze and install systems according to the various authorities governing them. We guarantee all systems are installed and assessed to meet all governing standards applying to your system such as UL and FM. We can also modify them to cover unique insurance requirements or local codes which may apply.

The same is true of fire extinguishers whether installing 1 or 1000s of them. The type of extinguisher, coverage area, and placement are just a few considerations an installer must keep in mind to build a safe environment.

Our service departments operate with the highest integrity, never leaving you with uncertainty about your system, fire extinguishers, or safety products. The reason: We are fired up for your safety!