Vinyl Tapes

Highly Visible Vinyl Pressure Senstive Tape 2″x36yd per Roll

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**SIZE 2″ X 36 YD PER ROLL**

Highly visible, tough, pressure-sensitive 5-mil vinyl tapes are perfect for: color coding, aisle marking, duct sealing, abrasion protection, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, decorating, light bundling, packaging, safety marking, etc._x000D_


RED – Fire Protection Equipment, Emergency Stop Controls and Existing Danger Hazards.
_x000D_ORANGE – Danger Points on Machinery.
_x000D_LIGHT GREEN – Safety Equipment such as First Aid Kits and Eye-Wash/Shower Locations.
_x000D_LIGHT BLUE – Warn Against Starting/Use of/Movement of Equipment Being Worked On.
_x000D_YELLOW – Physical Hazards.
_x000D_MAGENTA/PURPLE – X-Ray and Radiation Hazards._x000D_