3″ x 60′ Non-Slip Tape (Available Only in Black)

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SAF-STEP is a long-lasting, adhesive backed tape designed especially for application in high traffic areas where slippery or dangerous surfaces may cause accidents. _x000D_A rugged aluminum oxide grit surface is bonded to the tape and is impervious to water, grease, oil, detergents and solvents._x000D_

EASY TO APPLY…In no more time than it takes for an accident to happen, just peel off the backing and press in place. _x000D_SAF-STEP adheres instantly to most clean, dry, oil-free surfaces._x000D_

* 3″ x 60′
* Available in Black Only.


* Stairs & Ladders
* Ramps & Dock Lifts
* Factories & Repair Facilities
* Truck Beds & Steps
_x000D_* Restaurant Kitchens
* Machine Shops & Shipping Areas
* Service Stations