How Does Your Restaurant Survive the Pandemic?

The restaurant industry took a hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is likely to again in 2021.  However, many restaurants are surviving the outbreaks and subsequent shutdowns by pivoting to pick-up and delivery. If you’re doing the same you’re going to need your kitchen in excellent working condition to meet demand.


How Can Marmic Keep Your Restaurant Cooking?

Regular preventative maintenance is the key to your kitchen hood fire suppression system’s preparedness.  Marmic recommends quarterly Hood Cleaning in addition to the required Semi-Annual  Inspection.  Doing so will help you avoid a malfunctioning system in between inspections and longer repair times during inspections.

But emergencies happen even when you’ve done everything right.  Our 24-7 Emergency Service teams are quick to respond when they do.  

Marmic has pretty much seen all that can go wrong with a system such as accidental discharges which create quite a mess.  When that happens, a Marmic technician will flush the system which will make your kitchen messy again.  Sorry.  But a piece of advice to help avoid this is ensuring the heat exhaust fan is working properly so that heat doesn’t build up and set off the system without an actual fire.  That can happen with any kitchen system setup.

Whether your system is Ansul, Amerex, Pyrochem, or Guardian our technicians are trained to look for those deficiencies that cause accidental discharge and/or system failure.  At times, it’s surprisingly simple checks such as link replacements and nozzle flushing that will make a difference in system function.  It’s diligence with such details that sets Marmic apart from many other fire protection outfits.


Do you have multiple lcoations?

Marmic's National Accounts team can help you determine the best way to get all your restaurants protected.


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

Marmic is a one phone call safety company, meaning that with one phone call you can also have us take care of Fire Alarms, Security/Surveillance systems, Fire Sprinklers, and Backflow preventers.  You can take advantage of one of the most comprehensive safety companies in the industry.