What Does It Take to Protect Schools, Museums, and Research Facilities?

It takes a combination of protection to ensure irreplaceable people and objects are safe if and when a fire occurs.  From fire alarms, to sprinklers, to kitchen hoods and portable extinguishers there is a variety of devices that need timely and consistent service for sprawling campuses with special types of environments. 


How Can Marmic Help with Your Safety?

If your campus has unique environments such as art galleries, laboratories, and server rooms our Special Hazard team can design and install Clean Agent systems that won’t cause damage that a traditional water sprinkler system might.  And where suppression systems can’t reach we can install Clean Agent fire extinguishers to complete the coverage.

In addition to fire suppression, Marmic has an Electronics Division offering fire alarm and security installation and maintenance to complement its Sprinkler and Special Hazard divisions.  That means you only have to make one phone call to service all of your fire protection equipment.  No more dealing with multiple vendors, no more haphazard service.

Speaking of service, our 24-7 Emergency Service teams are ready to assist you when things go awry such as lightning strikes disabling alarms or accidental system discharges (often occurring in kitchens).

Additionally, having worked with large universities, Marmic streamlines the maintenance process from inspection scheduling to report delivery by designating specific personnel to handle all your needs from start to finish.


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

The benefits of choosing Marmic continue with its Safety Equipment Division which provides OSHA approved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), First Aid kits and cabinets, Lockout/Tagout, Safety Signage, and, of course, Portable Fire Extinguishers.  Any of these items we sell can be brought to you during inspections which can save your own personnel a trip to one of our stores.