Anytime people are immobilized by injury, illness, or age they are more vulnerable in emergency situations. Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitative and nursing homes must meet high standards to keep patients and residents safe by having extensive evacuation plans in place and must test those plans by conducting fire drills. We assist these types of institutions in many ways including alarm monitoring, installation and regular inspections of sprinklers and fire extinguishers, security systems, live and simulated fire training.

For any emergency preparedness plan to be effective, fire alarms, sprinklers, kitchen systems, and fire extinguishers need regular and consistent maintenance. We thoroughly test each alarm device such has horns, strobes, and duct detectors, ensuring you are quickly alerted to the first signs of fire. Whenever an extinguisher is discharged or needs repair we swap it out with a ready-to-use extinguisher so there is no gap in protection. If a sprinkler has deficiencies or starts leaking, we have an entire sprinkler repair department available 24-7.

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