What Does Fire Protection in Healthcare Look Like?

Sensitive environments such as surgical theaters and MRI rooms call for specialized fire safety equipment and service.  This might include nonmagnetic Clean Agent fire extinguishers or suppression systems.  In less sensitive environments, it might include kitchen hood systems and ABC dry chemical extinguishers.  On top of it all is maintaining safety compliance with accreditation bodies such as HFAP and the Joint Commission.


How Can Marmic Help Healthcare Facilities Stay Compliant?

Complementing the regular lineup of fire extinguishers and suppression systems Marmic’s Electronics and Special Hazard divisions are able to complete the circle of protection around hospital and nursing home campuses.  The NICET certified personnel in each division can install and maintain fire alarm, access control, and security systems.  In other words, with one phone call you are able to access a full service safety company.

In between preventative maintenance of your equipment, our 24-7 Emergency Service teams are available to assist you when unexpected damage occurs such as lightning strikes disrupting fire alarms or accidental kitchen hood discharge.  These tend to be rare but when they happen it can feel scary for some.

Another benefit of working with Marmic is instant electronic reporting.  Armed with a mobile application, our technicians can deliver reporting to facility managers quickly and in a format they need.


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

Marmic can provide you with portable fire extinguishers but we also want you to know how to use one.  If you need help understanding their labels and operating them we can set up live Fire Training for groups at your facility on a yearly basis.

Also, hospital maintenance staff are an important part of your safety plan too which means they need protecting with Personal Safety Equipment (PPE).  We offer safety hats, safety glasses, gloves, reflective vests and clothing, fall protection, and much more.  The workplace is made even safer for them with other items we carry such as warning/barrier tape and safety signs.