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National Fire Protection Company

Retail, Grocery, and Restaurant Chains looking for a national fire protection company have a lot to consider when it comes to safety, especially if they have many locations in multiple states.  For instance, fire protection codes, similar to tax codes, can vary significantly state to state, even city to city.  Also, the difference in price and quality of work among fire protection companies can make it difficult to ensure minimum and appropriate safety standards are met throughout a business.  And let’s not forget about insurance requirements.

With these and many other issues to consider, how exactly do national chains choose which safety companies inspect their fire protection equipment?  Well, the answer to that is up to each chain’s individual needs but here are the top 5 reasons why many of our current chain customers chose Marmic.

  1. National Reach – Marmic Fire & Safety and its partners are capable of reaching coast to coast in the contiguous United States.  That means chains can have consistent, high quality service in each of their locations where our technicians know the local codes. Our National Account Team centralizes and manages all of our customer’s daily needs with a high sense of urgency on a nationwide basis.
  2. Direct Service – Most of Marmic’s customers are served directly by Marmic rather than subcontractors.  In areas that Marmic supports via our Partner Affiliates, we ensure that the service is seamless and standardized so that the experience is virtually the same to that end user customer.
  3. Consistent Pricing – Setting up a national fire protection contract with Marmic benefits a chain’s budget preparation and eliminates surprises for local management.  Regardless of location, the pricing will not fluctuate wildly as happens when dealing with multiple fire safety vendors. 
  4. 24-7 Emergency Service – Chains can avoid being shut down for long periods of time when repairs are needed because our teams are always ready to assist.  We’ve seen it all from burst sprinkler pipes to accidental system dumps.
  5. Fast Reporting – With our reporting mobile app we can ensure facility managers receive fire inspection reports for all their locations in a timely manner so there’s no panicking when the fire marshal or the insurance company asks for them.  We provide them at the time service is complete and upon request afterward.  Even years later, they are still accessible through our Customer Portal should a company choose to set up an account with us.

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These are just the top 5 items our national fire protection account customers tell us are important when selecting their safety partner. There are other reasons we can discuss with you.  If you’re a chain company interested in partnering with Marmic Fire & Safety consider speaking to our National Accounts Team.  Learn how Marmic can help Commercial and Restaurant facilities stay safe! 

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