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When we think of Kansas City, we think of tailgates, stockyards, railroads, and farmer’s markets. This sprawling metropolis is home to numerous industries and cultural institutions. Marmic Fire & Safety is proud to serve the diverse businesses, organizations, and residents calling the KC region their home.

We install, service, and inspect the latest technology in fire suppression for all types of environments. Our NICET certified designers and technicians support wet and dry sprinkler systems, the standard form of fire suppression for offices, residences, sports arenas, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

However, we also design and install foam, clean agent, CO2, and Halon industrial systems for those environments where water is undesirable or even dangerous such as electrical substations, museums, biomedical labs, server rooms, aircraft hangers, and archives vaults. Bottom line: no matter the type of business, organization, or facility you have, we can protect it.


Installation & Training

Our NICET certified team members are prepared to install top-quality fire protection systems. Find out more about our installation services.

Service & Repair

Our technicians are ready to diagnose any deficiencies and get your systems up and running with necessary services and repairs. Whether you require a one-time repair or ongoing maintenance support, we are committed to your protection

Inspection / Recharging / Hydrotesting

We keep our clients on an inspection schedule to ensure equipment is up-to-date with the latest NFPA requirements and local building codes, and to ensure your systems are functioning efficiently. Find out more about our inspection services for your business.

Alarm Monitoring

In the case of an emergency, seconds count! We provide 24-hour monitoring services for your fire alarm systems. When an emergency arises, we send help on your behalf.

Security/Access Control Systems

Using surveillance and advanced software, you can monitor and control access from anywhere in the nation. Learn how you can choose security options to meet your needs.

Fire Training

Have you ever discharged a fire extinguisher? We can help you learn. Our fire extinguisher training will teach your employees how to choose the correct fire extinguisher for a fire and how to properly use that extinguisher.

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