Each year, residential fires account for billions in property loss.  Preventing house, apartment, or other residential facility fires may be as simple as keeping an extinguisher in the kitchen where many fires start or installing a hood system over the burner range.  A home owner may need more or varied protection if a fire place, wood stove, or gas generator is present.  Additionally, we can provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to quickly alert you when you are most vulnerable.

Living spaces are susceptible to other dangers such as human intruders.  There are numerous security systems on the market to discourage break-ins but each system is only as good as the strategic placement of sensors and cameras. With that in mind, our alarm department can install, inspect, and maintain a security system suitable for your space and alert you or emergency services with 24 hour alarm monitoring.

Home owners starting their next home improvement project can check out the personal protection gear we carry such as hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses.

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