Power & Energy

Why Does Experience Matter in Power & Energy Fire Safety?

As a critical service, the Power & Energy industry requires swift attention when problems arise.  Fire protection components such as CO2 suppression systems need not only proper preventative maintenance but also technicians who are experienced with the unique safety requirements when power and energy processes are interrupted.


How Does Marmic Keep Disruptions Minimal?

Though problems can occur anywhere on a grid Marmic minimizes damage to transformers, substations, and distribution hubs by designing, installing, and maintaining suppression systems specifically engineered for energized equipment and flammable fuels.  Marmic is the fire and safety company of choice for many utility and fuel businesses because they know we have the necessary decades of experience to get the job done correctly and safely.

Just as important as experience is speed.  Energy companies and electric cooperatives that partner with us enjoy our 24-7 Emergency Services.  It is our rapid response to their calls that helps them reduce repair time during fire-induced and disaster outages.

Another Marmic feature customers harness is our nationwide coverage. This provides them consistency in pricing and service standards over all their locations which is difficult to accomplish when dealing with multiple vendors in multiple states. 


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

Marmic is a full service safety company which means we can install and repair multiple systems  including Fire Alarms, Access Control, Security/Surveillance systemsFire Sprinklers and backflow prevention devices

It also means that your individual workers can take advantage of our Safety Stores which offer Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety glasses, reflective vests, fall protection, ear protection and more. 

When all of these components are combined your workplace safety is made more complete through Marmic.