Paired together, heavy machinery and cramped spaces form an above average safety concern, calling for above average safety equipment. Our experience with mining safety is a source of pride as is our ability to supply what you need when you need it. Limited access, volatile chemicals, and hot machinery call for both large and small safety solutions.

Wheeled unit fire extinguishers carry 100 to 350 lbs of extinguishing agent but are maneuverable enough for one person to operate. Their high capacity and agent versatility make them ideal for mining operations. We continuously provide and maintain them as you focus on other concerns.

Earth-moving vehicle systems take a beating but the ruggedly constructed fire suppression systems we install and service can handle the extremes of the mining environment day or night. With various sizes and configurations to choose from you will get the protection your entire fleet of vehicles deserves.

While we love the above solutions, the goal is prevention. Early detection of flammable gases as well as insidious carbon monoxide is key to a safer environment. Gas detectors, respirators, and absorbents are all tools we can provide you in addition to extinguishing equipment.

Browse all our fire suppresion and safety services and products for what will suit your needs or call us, the fire and safety experts.