Generally, government facilities management means more…more requirements, more bidding, more paperwork. But “more” does NOT have to mean “difficult.” Our safety team is well versed in government contracts and experienced in meeting and exceeding their obligations, on time and within budget. We understand the priorities of any government facility and can provide top of the line products and services expected for our country.

Airforce bases, for example, are small cities requiring a variety of security/safety solutions. Perimeter, building, and internal security is high priority which we can accommodate with security alarms, security cameras (CCTV), and key cards. Areas housing many people such as barracks, cafeterias, and offices need mass protection in the form of sprinklers, kitchen hoods, and fire extinguishers. Other areas containing aircraft, jet fuel tanks, and weapons must have industrial sized solutions such as foam fire suppression systems at the ready to protect those protecting the nation.

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