Why Do Government Agencies Choose Marmic?

One reason governments, whether federal, state, or local, choose Marmic is because we make vetting easy.  Our trustworthy team is consistently hitting the mark on all the concerns governments have which include pricing, reliability, quality, confidentiality, and speed.

While some companies offer fire protection as an add-on to a larger business Marmic chooses to focus solely on fire and life safety.  This dedication means you’ll have true experts with knowledge of NFPA and local codes inspecting your equipment.  


How Can Marmic Help Take the Red Tape Out of Fire Protection?

As a one phone call company Marmic can set a convenient maintenance schedule for all your equipment.

As we provide a variety of fire safety components and equipment we are able to service facilities big and small, from post offices to military bases.  And we do!

When required, you can schedule a group Fire Training session with us, either at your site or one of our stores.  If you have anyone who’s nervous about discharging a fire extinguisher you can have them watch this demonstration video beforehand so they’ll know what to expect.

Additionally, we keep 24-7 Emergency Service teams standing by for those unexpected events such as burst sprinkler pipes, accidental kitchen system discharge, or fire alarm error signals.


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

We can also equip your own maintenance staff with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, ear and face protection, and fall protection.  Often we have facility managers call us for inspections and ask that we bring PPE at the same time.  That’s the advantage of a one call safety company.  Visit our Safety Store to see more products.