How Do Construction Contractors Choose a Fire Protection Company?

Under tight schedules and budgets, construction contractors often choose partners and subcontractors who can deliver whenever needed.  Whether installing a sprinkler system, kitchen fire suppression, or portable fire extinguishers the fire protection company of choice has to be flexible enough to accommodate other subcontractor timetables while staying on pace with the general contractor.  That means occasionally pushing back installations, or even re-designing suppression systems and calculating change orders.


How Does Marmic Meet Construction Contractor Needs?

Similar to the integration of fire safety components such as fire alarms and suppression systems Marmic works cohesively with construction engineers, electricians, plumbers, masons, and other trades to incorporate fire safety throughout the project. With NICET certification, our fire system designers bring knowledge and experience project engineers can rely on for accurate and timely drawings.

Perhaps just as  important to contractors is Marmic’s coverage extends nationally.  In other words, you are never too far away from one of our partners and you’ll get swift, consistent service at all your project sites and even your own offices.


What Else Can Marmic Do?

Another way Marmic assists contractors is onsite safety.  Our Safety Store makes ordering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) easy.  If you need more hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, warning/barrier tape, safety signs, vehicles fire extinguishers, first aid kits and cabinets, even eyewash stations we can bring it to your site or hold it for you at the store.