How Does Fire Protection Keep Your Business Running?

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has upended many brick and mortar businesses relying on foot traffic through their stores.  If yours is one of them we’re truly sorry you’re struggling and we understand that fire protection is probably the last thing on your mind.  But as we all navigate the new normal it’s good to remember that fires still happen and can shut down your business permanently if equipment such as sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers are not checked.  By continuing your preventative maintenance schedule you can ensure your business will be ready to welcome customers back when the pandemic slows down.


How Can Marmic Help You Stay Protected During Shutdowns?

Ironically, the best time to conduct fire protection inspections and maintenance is when nobody is around.  If your local government includes fire protection as an essential service, as many do, then a shut down is the time to schedule an inspection.  With one phone call to Marmic you can get your fire alarm, security, 24-hour alarm monitoring, fire sprinkler, backflow, and fire extinguisher equipment inspected and repaired when needed.  

Our 24-7 Emergency Service teams are on standby for problems such as sprinkler pipes bursting in freezing weather, lightning strikes affecting fire alarms, or fire suppression systems accidentally discharging.

Additionally, if you have multiple locations, we can service throughout the nation on a schedule that suits you.  Our National Accounts team will work with you to provide consistent service and pricing across your business so you can stop struggling with multiple vendors on different schedules.  This helps you avoid costly Fire Marshal penalties and fines and even water shutoffs due to faulty backflow devices.


What Else Can Marmic Do to Protect You?

Personal safety is also part of our mission which is why we offer OSHA approved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Gloves, Safety Glasses, First Aid kits and cabinets, Lockout/Tagout, Safety Signage, and, of course, Portable Fire Extinguishers.