Benwood, WV

Rich in history and scenery, West Virginia is a veritable treasure where the Appalachians supply us with both beauty and bounty. Marmic Fire & Safety is in the heart of mountain country, assisting the mining industries this region supports with their fire protection and life safety needs.

Where underground spaces and heavy machinery come together, the team members of Marmic Fire & Safety are there to protect lives and equipment in some of the most unforgiving environments imaginable. We install, inspect, and repair fire safety equipment as large as vehicle system extinguishers, wheel unit extinguishers, and smaller, more portable fire extinguishers. We provide life safety solutions, big and small, to keep workers proactively safe through personal protective gear including fire resistant clothing, gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and gas detectors such as Carbon Monoxide.

We offer all our West Virginia customers a one-stop-shop for portable fire extinguishers, personal protection gear, fire safety inspection and repair, chemical recharging, hydro-static testing, and fire training.

Browse our fire safety specialties and safety products for what will suit your needs or ask us, the fire and safety experts!