Why Choose a Career in Fire Protection


Why choose a career in fire protection?  For some, they’re drawn to troubleshooting low-voltage electronics such as fire alarms or to repairing the firing mechanisms of a suppression system.  For others, it’s knowing their job saves lives.  And while those are all valid reasons most people overlook one of the biggest: the industry consistently grows year after year.

In fact, fire protection in the U.S. is nearly a 22 billion-dollar industry that is predicted to expand in the next decade.(Source:Grandviewresearch.com). What does that mean for jobseekers?  Basically, it means demand will be high in fields such as fire alarm installation, fire sprinkler repair, kitchen hood cleaning, and others.  As a bonus, these positions tend to be resilient against economic recession, offering very consistent employment.

Sure, there are technical and regulatory issues that some may find intimidating about the industry, but with the right company you can learn some valuable and transferable skills that could take you anywhere in the nation.  If you like rising to the occasion and considering employment in fire protection there is advice out there to help you ease into it and to advance later in your career.  

For Joe Paladino, a Regional Manager with Marmic Fire & Safety®, fire protection wasn’t the obvious choice initially.  Even though his step-father owned a fire safety business it took some time and a few odd jobs in other industries before Joe even considered entering the world of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and alarms.  Now, after more than 20 years in the industry, he doesn’t regret his decision to go full-speed ahead with it.  Watch his interview now to learn how he went from one-man band to Regional Manager over multiple states.

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