Internship at Marmic


By Carrie Gerbitz, Marmic member since 2014.

Meet Melissa Ruiz, a former Accounting intern with Marmic Fire & Safety Co® in 2019.  Her personal career goals and Marmic’s business goals intersected to mutual advantage when she decided to take an internship.  Watch the video to see how an internship helped her.

Does an internship appeal to you?

At Marmic, you can gain real life experience like Melissa did in a variety of subject areas:  Accounting, Marketing, Electronics, and Fire Safety. Doing so will enhance your interpersonal and professional communication skills as well as your business intelligence.

Future Health & Safety Managers can explore the complexity of Fire Safety components in the real world where meeting standards is key to maintaining a safe working environment.

Perhaps, the future of work is calling you to write scripts for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, SQL, or Crystal Reports.  These hard skills are in high demand but you may need to practice a soft touch working with others to build people-friendly digital processes.

If you like interacting with customers and/or building brands then you can join a Sales or Marketing team to see how both contribute to business growth.

These possibilities and more await prospective interns who want experience to enhance their education before entering the workforce in full.

“I certainly was able to learn...what needs to take place in order for [a company] to run effectively.” - Melissa Ruiz

But what if you’re more of a hands-on, technical problem-solver with trade school credits?

We have jobs ranging from fire extinguisher technicians to industrial fire suppression to sprinkler pipefitters to fire alarm inspectors, each requiring a different set of skills.  But all follow NFPA standards, manufacturer specifications, and Material Safety Data Sheets, training for which is paid. NICET certification is available and paid for those positions requiring it.

The paid training you receive is just one of the benefits of working at Marmic which keeps expanding its footprint in the Midwest, recently doubling in size.  Such growth provides travel opportunities to meet an ever increasing demand for fire safety. It also points toward Marmic’s future which is looking brighter, day by day.

Your future can be bright too by joining a company whose mission centers on increasing safety awareness and fire protection management.

To view current job opportunities visit our Careers page.