8 Holiday Party Safety Tips

It’s almost upon us!  The countdown has begun!  Your Holiday party has arrived!  Make it a safe event with these 8 tips!

  1. Don’t Drink & Drive: Plan your journey home ahead of time by selecting a designated driver, ordering a taxi, Uber, or whatever method that doesn’t involve you or friends driving under the influence.  Know your limits too! If you see anyone passed out, check on them.
  2. Know 2 Ways Out: Take note of emergency exits wherever you happen to be in case there’s a fire.  Make a mental plan for how you’d escape and where you’d go for safety. If you have friends and/or kids with you, go over the plan with them and designate a place to meet up if you get separated.
  3. Remember Your 4-Legged Friends: Place pets in a secure area where they feel safe from loud, celebratory sounds.  Doing so also prevents any of your guests from tripping over the furry critters.
  4. Point the Cork Away from Eyeballs: Some champagne corks have reached up to 50 mph with bottle pressure as high as 90 psi (Source: USA Today).  That’s right!  That's 3x more pressure than your car tires, yikes! Put on safety glasses if you have any and don't point the cork at anyone.
  5. Watch for Crowd Vultures: Secure wallets, purses, and even drinks from people you don’t know when you’re in a crowd.  Use trusted friends to guard such items whenever you need your hands free or have to use the restroom.
  6. Wear Sensible Shoes:  Drinking and high-heeling is an ankle-twister!  But if high-heels is your thing, great! Just remember that your ankles won’t forgive you after a twist and fall.
  7. Note Fire Extinguisher Locations:  Knowing where fire extinguishers are and how to use one before the fireworks start will help you get to them faster should you need them.  Hopefully you won’t but there’s always that one guy who likes fireworks a little too much, and he’ll most likely be drinking.  If you are that guy, remind your friends to stop you from going too far.
  8. Travel Smart: If you’re traveling to a party, keep first aid kits, survival gear, and blankets in your vehicle and plot multiple routes.  If you’re unfamiliar with the area, note safe locations you can get to in the event you can’t rely on your phone’s GPS.

Parties are times to let loose a little, but being loose does not mean being carefree.  With just a little careful planning you can keep your guests, your pets, and yourself safe no matter where you celebrate the holidays.


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