4 Reasons to Let a Fire Protection Company Keep Your Inspection Schedule


by Carrie Gerbitz, Marmic Team Member since 2014

Between thinking about your business needs and fantasizing of catching a trophy fish this weekend you’re not likely to find room for fire protection in your mind. And why should you? That’s just something you do once a year. Right?

Not so fast.

Yes, you get a visit from a fire marshal only once a year, typically. But, protecting yourself and your assets from fire is a year-round budget concern. And with that much time passing between visits it’s easy to let fire protection sit on the backburner where dollars you haven’t even earned yet may be quietly incinerating. Don’t burn through your money. Let a fire protection company put you on a regular inspection schedule and help reduce your overall costs throughout the year. Here’s a closer look at 4 reasons this is true.

  1. Avoid multiple service calls.  Like many businesses, some of your fire protection components such as fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems may be on different inspection schedules which means multiple service calls throughout the year. Allowing a fire protection company to set them on the same schedule can reduce the number of visits.

  2. Avoid penalties.  If the fire marshal finds your equipment overdue for inspection they usually give you time to get one before levying a penalty; however, it depends on your district. Not getting inspections or repairing deficiencies can result in a fine from your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ); this is easily avoided by having quality inspections done prior to the initial visit rather than waiting until afterwards to call an inspector.  

  3. Avoid fires. Of course, that’s the main reason for having the fire protection equipment in the first place. But the equipment, just like anything else, breaks down over time, thus the need for timely inspections. Complacency-fueled fires can break small businesses (especially uninsured or underinsured ones), can result in lawsuits, and worst case scenario, can cause deaths.  

  4. Avoid emergency repairs. Staying regular with inspections helps minimize costly emergency repairs. All fire protection companies increase their labor rates during odd hours. If a sprinkler pipe bursts in the wee hours of a bitter winter morning you can bet there will be a hefty price tag.

Bottom line…it’s about your bottom line when you let a fire protection company keep your inspection schedule. A good company will have a scheduling system in place. A great company will possess that and the skills to inspect all your fire protection equipment before the fire marshal comes knocking. 

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