Marmic Fire & Safety Co.

The full service fire protection company protecting you and your property from fire, work place, and security threats as if you're family.

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Here are several of our featured services.

Fire Suppression Systems

Keep Yourself and Property Safe with Sprinkler and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems for Every Environment.

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Fire Extinguishers

Defend Your Life and Property with Portable Fire Extinguishers. We Sell, Inspect, Recharge/Refill, Repair, and Train.

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Security Systems & Alarms

Alert Yourself with Security and Fire Alarm Systems for All Safety Situations.

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Safety Store

Gear Up with Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, Respirators, First Aid, and More.

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About Us

Marmic Fire & Safety is a family-owned, one-stop safety company serving throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Southern Illinois, West Kentucky, and West Virginia. We equip residential, retail, medical, commercial, and industrial establishments with hazard analysis, fire and personal safety products, fire suppression installations, and inspection services conforming to OSHA mandates, government codes, and NFPA standards. By training and testing our team members in the latest standards and technology we ensure you have the highest quality technicians on the market available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.